Train 5 Or 5,000 People At The Same Time With Trainual

But here’s the thing… Trainual is not an enterprise LMS. We don’t do SCORM. We don’t do RFP’s or contracts for procurement. That’s not our jam.

What is our jam? Making it a piece of cake to onboard and train repeatable roles, test employees on policies and procedures, and ensure your entire team is up to speed and in the know.

IRONMAN uses Trainual to train thousands of race volunteers. Design Pickle uses Trainual to train hundreds of graphic designers. Mathnasium uses Trainual to train tutors in hundreds of locations. That’s how enterprises use Trainual.

So if you’re ready to ditch old complicated LMS contracts for a cheaper tool that’s easier to use, and this all sounds good, let’s talk!


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Trainual is best suited for companies with under 500 employees or for individual teams of less than 50 people. We do however have some companies using and loving Trainual with thousands of folks on board, so it really comes down to your use case! Book a call to discuss plans and options for your specific needs and size.

No. SCORM content does not plug into Trainual. Think of Trainual as the place where you document who does what and how it’s done — your company playbook for the things you do and what everybody needs to know. And in that sense, we believe the content you build in Trainual should be specific to your organization, and not off-the-shelf modules or skills courses.

Nope! You cannot host live training sessions inside Trainual. But, if you are hosting a live training on Zoom or even in person that you are filming, Trainual is the perfect place for that training content to live after it’s presented. That way, any future team members can be assigned the exact same training and you can be sure people that couldn’t attend live have a consistent training experience for as long as that content is relevant to your organization.

Coming soon! For now, this is possible with our Zapier integration. You can set up an automation to occur when someone completes their onboarding or training content, it triggers your e-signature tool like DocuSign to send a document for signed completion.

Trainual does not have in-app video hosting. But it does have seamless integrations with YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia where you can upload your training videos and then quickly embed to your Trainual content to track completions.

Yes! SSO via Okta is currently available on our Premium plan.

No, Trainual is intended to house internal training documents only. It is not designed to work with any e-commerce plug-ins.

The My Desk page within the Trainual app

Enterprise training power. Small business simplicity.

Keep your entire organization on the same page, playing from the same playbook with Trainual. Knowledge management, process documentation, and employee training has never been easier.

“Trainual is the only tool I can think of that cuts recruiting, training, hiring, retaining, and ongoing training costs while also making our people much better at their jobs, ultimately leading to higher revenue.”
Sean M.

Roll out policies and document SOPs in minutes using templates

Get started fast with proven playbooks for your processes and policies. Quickly customize them to your team and start assigning content to build momentum with your training.

“I LOVE how trainual makes it easy to break down each step of a larger process into manageable chunks.”
Julianna O. Creative Director, Media Company (11-50 employees)

Trainual is like LMS but without the BS

Easy step-by-step employee training, onboarding that’s actually engaging, plus powerful tests and reporting. The only training platform your team will love to use because we believe in keeping it simple.

“Trainual is user friendly has allowed me to onboard staff in two clicks of the mouse. It is the one of the biggest keys to my business.”
Chris M. Founder, Photography Company

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