Discover How Design Pickle Scaled to More Than 200 People and 8 Figures in 3 Years Using Trainual

Design Pickle offers unlimited graphic design support, for one flat monthly price.

Founded by Russ Perry, Design Pickle has exploded in the past 3 years and now employs over 200 people between its United States and Philippines teams.

What’s the one simple secret to Design Pickle’s remarkable success? Taking the time to build systems its team could scale with on Trainual.

The Case Study

Customer Success Manager, Alex Guevara shares a candid testimonial about how impactful Trainual has been for managing his team.

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Thoughts from Manila

“How Design Pickle Is Changing Lives” – by Trainual Founder & CEO, Chris Ronzio after his first visit to the Philippines for Pickle Con 2018

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How To Grow Your Team

A guide to growing with Trainual, including 9 simple ways to solves your team training issues, by Design Pickle Founder & CEO, Russ Perry.

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A Note From Russ Perry

“When you’re starting from nothing, there are no bad habits to overcome.”

There are no employees to retrain. It’s a clean slate across the board. Design Pickle was wide open to document as little or as much as I wanted. Thankfully, I decided to go with the latter option.

Thinking about the past challenges, I knew I wanted to have an operations manual from the beginning. If I was going to create a business that was truly valuable (and channeling my inner Michael Gerber), I wanted the type of company that thought carefully and documented the processes along the way.

So, I set off to find a tool that could help. My requirements for my company manual were simple:

  • Everything had to be online, and easily accessed in the cloud
  • Creating content had to be as easy as Google Docs
  • Editing and finding content also had to be a no-brainer
  • I wanted something my team could use without much training
  • The price had to be relatively affordable

It didn’t take long for me to decide on Trainual. In addition to knocking down all of my requirements, a close friend was behind the software. I knew I’d be supported (and then some) by implementing this into our world.

Years later, and hundreds of processes documented, refined, and improved inside the walls of Trainual, I now have enough experience to share what I wish I knew starting out.

Creating an operations manual for your business is no small undertaking, but there are specific things to know through the process to not only turn your operation into a well-oiled machine but to ensure you don’t lose your mind along the way.

Read more and discover Russ’ 9 tips for how to train your team (for any CEO who is about to or is already using Trainual).

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