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Make it outrageously easy to onboard and train new associates, admins, and dentists, ensuring everyone gets consistent knowledge, and every office need-to-know is easy to search, access, update, and track.

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The top rated training and SOP software for dentists

Start listening at the 19:05 minute mark to see how Ashley Keith of Mission Dental uses Trainual to teach everything from office FAQs to technical patient processes and even what to do in case of a tornado!

Keep everybody in the know on how you do what you do

Easily document every business process, embed your training videos and content, migrate from docs, and create tests to train every employee on every need-to-know.

Don't start from scratch. Use Templates.

Building your playbook takes time. But it takes less time when you start with Trainual templates and process playbooks.

“The best training, onboarding, and knowledge transfer tool on the planet.”
Tynan Allan Director of Growth,
We even have an app

Your business playbook on iOS and Android

Whether your team is in the office or on-the-go, ensure they have every need-to-know readily available via quick search from their phone.

“We’ve solved the problem of making sure each new employee has ALL the info they need to complete their jobs. Trainual makes it SO easy to pass on important information and ensure everyone is on the same page.”
Julianna O. Creative Director, Toast Wedding Films Inc.

Automate onboarding, transform training, boost accountability

Unlimited process documentation, organized policies, and every process and SOP in one place. Plus tests, knowledge search, and 1000’s of integrations all in one beautiful app.

“Trainual is simple, user-friendly and fits our business needs perfectly. Best decision we have made this year!”
Maggie D. Admin Assistant, Hospitality, 201-500 employees
“Before we started Trainual, if I wasn't in the building and someone had a question, they were pretty much screwed. Now what I can do is just give my whole lecture series, record it, upload it, and then it's infinitely reproducible. I can train 10 people in 10 different places at once!”
Dr. Flora Waples Co-Founder, RESTOR Medical Spa
“We have added 7 employees in the last 9 months and it has been essential for sending everyone through Trainual, saving my managers a ton of time. Comprehensive tests really get the new hires engaged.”
Tony A. CEO, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, 11-50 employees
“I recommend Trainual to any business owner who wants to work less and make more.”
Scott Fritz

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Estimate the time and money your business could save by cutting onboarding and training time by 75%.

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