Wallace L. Johnson, WLJ Consulting

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About Wallace

Wallace L. Johnson, CTS is Principal of WLJ Consulting which advises live event audiovisual companies on how to “Be Better Now.”

Wallace focuses on the core elements of a company: People, Processes, and Technology, which helps them build confidence and trust in what they do, who does it and how they do it.

Wallace sits on AVIXA’s Board of Directors, is Secretary-Treasure of AVIXA’s Foundation Board and is an adviser to several education organizations with courses related to the subject of audiovisual production.

Specialities Include: Process Improvement, Process Mapping & Documentation, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Talent Development, Software Technology Assessment, & Procurement

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Visit: wljconsulting.com

E: wallace@wljconsulting.com
P: +1 (813) 390-7224

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