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About Tamara

After 16 years of working in schools and ed-tech companies, Tamara Kemper had accidentally become an expert in getting things done.Now, as the founder of The Process Mavens, she helps small businesses scale through better back-end processes and training. Tamara is passionate about focusing on the very human reasons why business systems break down and uses her teacher superpowers to make sure every team member succeeds with their new-and-improved ways of working.


Darren K Harrell

Tamara was integral in helping us use Trainual. She did a great job navigating us through the Op's Manual writing process and putting it in an intelligent format. I highly recommend Tamara Kemper!

Jon Rosenberg

Tamara has been a game changer for our business. Her listening skills enable her to pull out issues and goals that we sometimes don't even see. We look forward to our regular meetings and the energy we always come away with. Tamara has also helped us implement Trainual as an excellent way to train and test our newer employees while saving us an incredible amount of time and energy.

Aaron Sinykin

Tamara is the most skilled consultant we've ever worked with. She's been a game-changer for our business and I would highly recommend her to anyone. You will not be disappointed if you have the opportunity to work with Tamara and Process Mavens.

Megan Eldridge

Tamara and her team went beyond just helping us with navigating Trainual. We felt overwhelmed by the thought of trying to put what was in our heads into a training manual. We had no idea how to do that or where to start. Tamara's amazing process made it so much easier! First, she helped us map out the outline of the content. Spending time here was the key. She helped our team lay out a well-thought-out plan for training that actually made sense. She also helped us figure out what kind of learning checks to put in and where. Using Trainual alone without Tamara and her team would not have been nearly as effective and we probably would have given up. Tamara and her team have a magical talent of taking what's in your head and creating a tangible result. I don't know how they do it! Now we have THREE training manuals for our programs plus a "New Employee On-boarding" process thanks to Tamara and her team. I wish I could give them 10 stars!!

Josh Bopp

Tamara is outstanding. She helped our organization significantly up our game surrounding documenting existing processes. We implemented Trainual so those new documented processes could be more accessible and kept up to date. Tamara ran this whole effort soup to nuts and she and her team hit a home run. She now keeps our docs up to date and helps us continue to refine our procedures so things don't get stale. Our newest hires now comment on how well organized we are and that onboarding was a breeze. It's been awesome!

Doug Lawyer

What I thought was going to be a very difficult process, Tamara and her amazing team was able to make this so painless and workable for our company. I've already recommended her team/process to several other business owners.

David Verwer

Can't say enough about Tamara (and her outstanding Team)! Some people have that amazing gift of being able to distill complicated processes into bite-sized, logical and coherent steps. The entire process was painless and incredibly helpful to our entire team - and allowed us to better understand our workflows and facilitate our onboarding / training process. Highly Recommend The Process Mavens!

Rhonda Beal

It was a pleasure to work with The Process Mavens team (thanks Holly!). For something that seemed big and scary at the beginning, they really put in the work to make the process flow smoothly and with as little stress as possible. 10/10 - would recommend

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