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Trainual Certified Consultant
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About Dan

I spent my first 15 years out of college as a navigator on super tankers traveling all of the oceans of the world. In 1995 I got off of my last ship in Singapore to come ashore to start FairWeather Group to help grow small businesses.

In the beginning, my focus was on helping businesses lay a solid accounting foundation with QuickBooks. I soon realized that to grow, small businesses needed to also control their workflow. I use Smartsheet to solve the workflow needs of my clients. It is now apparent that besides solving their accounting and workflow problems, businesses need to solve employee training problems if they truly want to grow. I use Trainual to solve the training needs of my clients.

I have worked with many different small businesses, in many different industries, in many different geographical areas. I understand how to maximize results with the use of minimum resources as I help my small business clients grow.

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