New Features Include Trainual Topic Time Stamps, Subject Statuses, And Reports Updates


April 27, 2018

We rolled out some new features today and made a few updates to existing features as well. Have a question or suggestion for a future feature? Send an email to

Revamped help docs

Our help docs now live at can still access this directly from Trainual by clicking on your avatar and then “Help.”

“Last Updated” timestamp on Topics

When viewing a Topic in self mode, you’ll now notice a timestamp showing when it was last updated.

Update to My Desk

“Welcome to Trainual” was changed to “Welcome to [Company Name]!” and now shows your company name in its place.

Update to Reports Section

You can now view “By User” for the topics reports.

Managing Roles

You can now invite “All Roles” to a subject from within a Subject.

Update to draft/pending review status

If you’re in self view and all topics are saved as draft/pending review status (meaning you won’t see any topics), you’ll see a message explaining why.

Smaller updates

  • There is now a spinning loader when you’re searching in app
  • Descriptions are truncated after 30 characters
  • Updates to our Zapier integration were made (stay tuned for an exciting announcement on this!)

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