We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for quite some time now on this release and are excited to share Advanced Subject Settings with you today! Now, when creating a new Subject, you have the following Advanced Subject Settings to choose from:
Available in Library
This setting allows you to decide whether or not you would like a Subject to appear in the Library for users in your account. For example, you may have a Subject such as Hiring and Termination Policies that you don’t want others to see or be able to request access to. Click here to view our Help Doc for more information.


Require Completion of Subject
You can now decide whether a Subject should require completion or simply be reference material, meaning that it does not require completion or appear in Reports. For example, you may have an IT Troubleshooting Subject that doesn’t necessarily need to be reviewed by anyone unless they’re having an IT problem. By making the Subject reference material, it can still be assigned to roles in your organization and/or requested in the Library as users need it.


Click here for more details on this advanced setting — it was one we had a lot of customer requests for so we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Force Order of Topics and Tests
This setting allows you to force the order in which Topics and Tests are completed by a user in an individual Subject. This is great if you want to ensure that your team is viewing all relevant content prior to taking a Test. Click here to learn more.


Expiring Completion
The last Advanced Subject Setting is expiring completion which lets you set an expiration date for when completions on a specific Subject should expire. This is also something we had a lot of customer feedback on, so now if you have content that you’d like users to review annually for instance, you can do that!
Click here to read more about expiring completion.


Watch the video below for a message from our Founder! Have a question or comment about Advanced Subject Settings? Send an email to support@trainual.com and we’d be happy to help!

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