5 Steps To Perfect A New Hire’s First Day


June 17, 2019

You’ve found an excellent candidate, extended an offer, and their start date is scheduled. But are you really ready for your new hire’s first day?

Just like an employee should show up on day one ready to impress, you should show your new hire that you’ve perfected the onboarding process. A new employee who is set up for success will be able to hit the ground running.

Here’s a quick onboarding checklist for your employee’s first day that allows them to be efficient, feel like part of the team, and have ample support.

1. Send software and system invites early

One of the most time-consuming tasks for preboarding employees is getting them set up with their email, project management, and other company systems. As soon as your hire accepts an offer and their start date is determined, get their email activated and encourage them to accept the invite.

Once their company email is active, you can send them access invites to the other programs they need. When employees can get some of the more boring stuff out of the way in advance, they have more free time on their first day to dig into the projects they’re excited about.

2. Assign them an in-office mentor

Employees who have a mentor at work often have better experiences at the company. Mentorship programs help employees feel more committed and satisfied with their career and these employees tend to have more positive things to say about their workplace in general.

Get the ball rolling early by assigning your new hire a mentor right away. The mentor could just be an ear for questions or provide more meaningful guidance.

3. Fill them up with swag

Swag like T-shirts, bags, and water bottles help build a company culture (another phrase for the personality, goals, and expectations of a business). A notebook with the company values printed on the first page, for instance, reminds everyone about the company mission.

Culture isn’t just a buzzword. Companies with a strong culture have less employee turnover. Employees at a company with a defined culture also rate their company’s qualities more highly. Get your new hire excited about being a team member right away by loading them up with company logo swag.

4. Prep their workspace

Make sure your employee has a workspace that is totally ready to go. Laptop in place, WiFi password provided, office supply catalog with ordering instructions… you get the idea. This streamlines any employee’s first day and shows that you were excited about their arrival.

5. Go for a team lunch or happy hour

Learning how to preboard a new hire for efficiency is important, but ensuring they’re welcomed into the fold is equally vital. The final way to perfect a new hire’s first day is by planning a team event that serves as a low-pressure icebreaker. Make a lunch reservation down the street, or let the team off an hour early so you can treat the newcomer to a happy hour/appetizers and casual conversation.

Turning a new hire’s first day into a successful stint at your company has a lot to do with first impressions. So set your next employee up to become a top performer by arming them with a mentor, a workspace they can personalize, and a sense of teamwork!

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