The 15 Must-Ask Questions During Your Employee Check-Ins


June 17, 2019

As an employee, giving constructive or negative feedback about your boss or company during check-ins can be uncomfortable, to say the least, and it doesn’t bode much better for the boss or manager on the receiving end, either. Feedback can be awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Implement employee check-ins

For example, every 90 days at Trainual, we do employee check-ins to get a pulse on how each employee feels about their role and fit within the company. During these one-on-one check-ins, we cover everything from compensation and benefits to team communication and company culture. Using a scale from one to five, employees rate a series of more than 20 questions, as well as suggestion boxes for more in-depth explanation or feedback.

Nurture an open dialogue

Without the promise of anonymity shielding employees from outing themselves with constructive feedback, honesty can be hard to find. Although talking about these areas face-to-face can be stressful for both you and your employee, everyone will be better for it in the end. Fortunately, with this type of open communication, you can address problems before they arise and get new ideas to implement company-wide (like our unlimited PTO policy which stemmed from employee feedback during these check-ins!)

If you’re looking to build out your own quarterly check-in scorecard, here are the 15 must-ask questions for every employee, regardless of tenure or title.

What to include in your scorecard

Your fit within the company

1. I have opportunities to bond with and learn from other team members

2. I represent the values our company stands for

3. This company will be a good fit for me long-term

Your role on your team

4. I enjoy my current role in the company

5. I’m learning new things and growing

6. I feel appropriately challenged

7. My workload is appropriate for me to handle

Your team lead or manager

8. My manager is accessible and approachable

9. I have a clear sense of what’s expected of me each week

10. My ideas are thoughtfully considered and acted upon

11. I’m managed appropriately (not too much, not too little)

Your compensation and benefits

12. The company provides me the right amount of benefits at work

13. I have a good work/life balance

14. I have the autonomy and flexibility that I need

15. I feel I am fairly compensated for the job I’m performing in this market

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